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Devils Win Opener

The Red Devils used a 4th quarter drive and an excellent run by junior Fabian Forrest to take the lead over the visiting Eagles of Jenkins County. On the ensuing PAT an alert Earl Dupree scooped up an errant snap and completed a pass to Martavius Jenkins for the two point conversion to take a 22-14 lead midway thru the final stanza. Every team works on the "fire drill" during practice every week and Dupree and Martavius proved that hard work does indeed pay off as they executed the "routine play gone bad" drill to perfection. The Devil defense stepped up to the plate and stopped the Eagles on their last possession of the game to win. With the clock winding down the Eagles faced a 4th a 2 from their own 39 yard line and Brandon Adams smelled out the reverse and stuffed it in the backfield for a loss of two yards. The Devils then got into the victory formation and ran two plays to end the game.

The Devils had actually raced to a 14-0 lead by midway the 2nd quarter only to see the Eagles catch fire and score to regain some momentum. The Eagles then picked off a deep pass and returned it deep into Devil territory. On first down they scored on a good run -- the ensuing PAT tied the game 14-14 at half. The Devils had control most of the 2nd half as the Eagles could only move the ball to midfield as their deepest penetration. The Devils finally scored as mentioned above and held on for the win.

For the Devils Fabian Forrest had 27 carries for 181 yards and 2 TDs. J'Vonne Thomas added 61 yards and 1 TD on 7 carries. Defensively, the Devils were led by freshman Tyler Forrest and Jonathan Wright who recorded 13 and 9 total tackles respectively. Trevis Lawson added another 6 tackles and 1.5 sacks along with 4 tackles for loss yardage.

The Devils face a supreme test next Friday night in Hawkinsville as they play host to Robby Pruitt's highly ranked Fitzgerald Purple Hurricanes out of Class AA. The Canes defeated Irwin County 48-0 on Friday night in the annual renewal of their rivalry.

Come out and support the Devils this Friday night at 8pm.

Go Big Red!

by Andy Hill - 8/28/09

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