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Big Win in the Grove

The Hawkinsville Red Devils went into Dooly County’s yard last Friday night and shocked the ‘Cats 31-24 in overtime. It may not have been the biggest win in Devil lore, but it sure ranks up near the top somewhere.
Looking sharp in most all phases of the game, the Devils took a 14-12 lead into the locker room at halftime on a short run by Fabian and an Aaron Black to Fabian 30 yard pass. The home side stands were eerily quiet. The Hawkinsville broadcasting crew mentioned that the missed extra points by Dooly might prove to be significant….dadgum if that call wasn’t spot on.

In years past, the Bobcats might have gone into a funk after their first half performance, but this year’s team came back out for the 2nd half with a vengeance. In the 3rd quarter, Dooly scored twice, missing two more XPs, to take a 24-14 lead and the home stands erupted. However, Cam Black’s Devils never flinched….they simply would not accept defeat and came back to tie the game in the waning moments of the 4th quarter. With 5:34 left Don Vickers drilled a 23 yard field goal…then at the 2:48 mark J’Vonne Thomas scored from 3 yards out to make the score 24-23 in favor of Dooly. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, even thought about a possible missed XP…young Mr. Automatic Vickers promptly trotted onto the field and kicked the XP to tie the game as all knew he would.

After losing the OT coin toss, the Devils took the ball first, and on 3rd and 8, Fabian took it into the end zone and “Automatic” kicked the XP. Dooly got a very questionable penalty against the Devils, after they ran a play, and the ball was moved inside the 10 for a first down. The Devils hunkered down and on 4th and 1, Johnathan Wright tackled the ball carrier behind the line for a big loss on an option pitch. At this juncture bedlam broke loose on the visitor’s side while a bunch of players and coaches in red and white celebrated on the field. It was a GREAT night to be a Hawkinsville Red Devil!

by Dwight Gatlin - 10/10/09

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